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Zainuddin Omar

Zainuddin Omar

Seorang Jurutera Professional (P.Eng) berasal dari Parit Jawa, Muar, Johor kini memenuhi masa dengan mengembara keseluruh dunia mencari ibrah. Beliau mempunyai 40 tahun pengalaman kembara dan mula mengembara pada usia 17 tahun.

A short getaway trip to Paphos Cyprus.

Phapos, Cyprus is a big sprawling town with many foreigners. I was told by a tavern owner that the Russians and mainland Chinese are buying properties all over Cyprus like there is no tomorrow. I saw many houses for sale in the beautiful and quintessential villages of Fioni, Platres and Omodos Troodos mountains, while many bungalows are unoccupied. Probably they are holiday homes for the ‘rich and famous’.

Lovely view of the coastline in Paphos.

Cyprus is very clean while the roads are superb. Signages are everywhere and the rest stops to Paphos along the highway are all facing the sea. This makes your journey longer because of the frequent stops while admiring the picturesque surroundings. Surprisingly, the foods are not expensive although everything is in Euro currency. When shopping for groceries, the cost is no higher than back home. A cup of tantalizing and sleep busting Cyprus coffee cost 1.5 euro, cheaper than an espresso in Starbuck.

Originally a Byzantine fortress before the Venetian conquered it. Then the Turks came and ruled for 500 years in Paphos.

The people here are all very friendly, courteous and most speak decent English. Mind you, don’t speak anything about TRNC or anything Turkish as there’s no love lost between Cypriots and Turks. Even Turkish delight is called Greek delight here. It boils down to the many confrontations and invasions by the Turks in Greece and Cyprus since many centuries ago.  Cyprus is a small island, a week of stay and roaming the country by car is suffice if you are holidaying. The best part is that everybody drives on the left, same as back home.

Would I migrate to Cyprus given the chance? Off course, with a fine weather and a low cost of living, Cyprus is the perfect getaway if I have a fat bank account. By the way, a Mini Cooper cost Rm100k, a Porsche Macan Rm200k, and a Volvo XC90 Rm150k in Cyprus.

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